Long Distance Moving Companies in Portland, Oregon

Do you need a long distance moving company to help you pack and move your home to or from Portland, Oregon? Are you planning a move for your Portland-area business that requires expert knowledge and precision to execute the relocation of your office on time and on budget? Whatever the case may be, when you are getting ready for a long distance move to or from Portland, look for us to be your first choice. JKATS Moving & Storage has proudly served the people of Portland, Oregon their long distance moving needs for over 80 years.

When a family or business move a long distance, storage is often a must. Putting your family’s belongings into storage will help you when you are showing your home through a real estate agent, during your transition to your new home or office, and also as you get comfortable in your new home or apartment. Hiring a moving company that provides short-term or long-term storage solutions is a no-brainer when you are moving across state lines. Our warehouse storage facility is over 15,000 square feet, is protected by a secure alarm system and our employees take the utmost amount of care when handling and storing your belongings. Our warehouse storage facility is regularly inspected by the United States Department of Defense, so you know we offer a high level of security for your stored items. When you need a reputable and reliable professional moving company for your long distance moving day, look no further than JKATS Moving & Storage.

The Best Long Distance Movers in Portland, Oregon

JKATS Moving & Storage is a full service moving company that takes great care of our customers from start to finish. In the Portland, Oregon area, there is no better choice for a long distance mover. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can easily rent a moving truck and ask your buddies to help you move in a weekend. Planning the logistics and coordinating the resources for a long distance move is a job to be left for the professional movers. There are many potential details that a weekend warrior can miss and it doesn’t take much to sully the entire moving experience. We know because we have been in the moving and storage business for over 80 years, so we have learned a thing or two. Having to move your home or business can lead to attitudes and arguments for families who try to do it alone. No one wants to experience a long, cramped road trip where the whole family is at their wits end when it’s all said and done. JKATS Moving & Storage is your golden ticket to a relaxing and stress free long distance moving experience. Our trained movers efficiently and affordably move your home or office as far as you need.

How Much Do Long Distance Movers Cost?

The overall average cost of a long distance move is $2,000 – $3,000. This price varies case by case based on three key factors: distance, shipping weight and additional services. The average rate of long distance movers range $25 – $50 per hour. So, the longer the distance the greater the cost. The cost for shipping weight on average will be $0.50 – $0.70. Additional charges you can expect to pay for might come from specialty items, storage and even fees for moving items through elevators or stairs.

Portland, Oregon Out of State Movers

When you hire JKATS Moving & Storage for your long distance move, you will be amazed at how smooth the entire process becomes. Through years of experience managing the logistics of transporting families and businesses across the country, our long distance moving professionals are more than ready to facilitate your move. JKATS is a full-service mover that can take care of your international and overseas moves, too. Don’t hesitate to fill out our free moving quote form or simply call our friendly customer service representatives to obtain a free quote. If you are planning for a long distance move, you may want to obtain a written moving estimate from a JKATS relocation expert in person. We will send a knowledgeable and vetted moving professional to your home to go over the details of your move in person. This allows for our movers to see first-hand what they will be moving and to plan accordingly for your upcoming moving day. An in-person moving estimate allows you to address any concerns and ask any questions you have pertaining to the packing, storage, and logistics of your move. Rest assured that the long distance moving professionals at JKATS Moving & Storage are dedicated to satisfying each and every customer we have.