Gun Safe Movers

Moving to or from Portland, Oregon and need to move a gun safe? Look no further than JKATS Moving & Storage of Portland. We offer a variety of services, including local moves, out-of-state moves and overseas moves—and we can accommodate moving a gun safe with any of these moves as well. Our JKATS Moving & Storage movers have been handling all types of specialty moves, including gun safe moves. You can feel confident that when you hire JKATS as your Portland moving and storage company, that your gun safe will be safe and secure during transport.

The average weight of a gun safe is about 500 pounds with a range of up to or exceeding 1,000 pounds. This means that moving it can be dangerous to you and to your home, such as damaging the walls, stairs and/or the floor. Unless you have years of experience with moving heavy objects like gun safes, it is recommended that you hire a professional to handle your heavy gun safe move. We at JKATS Moving & Storage have over 85 years of industry experience, and we pride ourselves on being the best gun safe movers in Portland. Our movers have the knowledge and expertise to be able to move your gun safe from your home to its new location in no time and without any damage. We avoid all damages to your gun safe and to your home by using protective padding. Here at JKATS Moving & Storage, we understand that your gun safe is special to you. Gun safes are used for a variety of things, some of which include personal protection, professional use, heirlooms, target practice and collections. The gun collections that the safe holds are valuable as well as the gun safe, so we take precautions to ensure that not only your gun safe is secure, but the guns it holds in it are as well. Therefore, if you are moving to or from Portland and its surrounding areas, which include Vancouver, WA and more, you’re in luck. JKATS Moving & Storage will develop a customized plan for your gun safe move, so whether you have multiple gun safes, need to move your gun safe up or down stairs in a local move, long distance move, or an international move, JKATS Moving & Storage movers have the capabilities and experience to handle any type of move you need to be accomplished.

Hire the Portland Gun Safe Moving Professionals

Our reliable movers at JKATS Moving & Storage will handle your gun safe with the care it deserves. We understand that your gun safe is valuable, so our movers will take every precaution to make sure no damage occurs. You can rest assured knowing that your gun safe, home and new home won’t be damaged. You can cross moving the gun safe off your to do list, because your move will get done quickly and efficiently when you hire JKATS Moving & Storage—we get it done so you don’t have to pause your life because of a move. Also, don’t forget about our storage services. Here at JKATS, we offer short-term and long-term storage at competitive rates, so if you need to store you gun safe for any amount of time, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today so we can provide you with excellent moving and storage services in the Portland area. Call our moving company at (844) 849-6567