Hot Tub Movers

Are you a hot tub owner and are you planning to relocate to or from the Portland area? If so, why not make your move a little easier and let us handle the hot tub for you. Here at JKATS Moving & Storage of Portland, we have skilled moving professionals ready to help facilitate your every move. With decades of industry experience and service through the Portland, Oregon area, we’ve gained a reputation for hard work and high quality. When you choose us for your hot tub move, you’re guaranteed exceptional service throughout the entire moving process.

Hot Tub Moves

Hot tubs are great for enjoyment and relaxation in both the summer and winter months. Although expensive, hot tub owners know they are well worth it. However, when it comes time to relocate, moving a hot tub can be a complex process. Because of the high value and sheer weight of the hot tub, it’s important to find a suitable safe way to move it. Although possible to do it yourself, without the proper equipment the risk of damage and personal injury increases. The best solution for moving a hot tub would simply be to leave it to the professionals.

Here at JKATS Moving & Storage, our professionals arrive onsite and with all the necessary equipment. Our team comes highly organized and are efficient in their process. Each move is planned from the beginning to end and we keep you informed every step of the way. Our detailed plan helps us best facilitate your move by understanding your needs and any special requirements necessary for moving your hot tub. Our team comes prepared with an impressive array of moving tools and specialized equipment. We have heavy duty equipment and professionals trained to use them. We are committed to quality moves and we’ll prove our commitment by going the extra mile to protect the integrity of your hot tub along with your house or any structure surrounding it. Our methods for wrapping and padding your specialty item will eliminate risk of damaging your hot tub or walls. During the process of your move, if you decided you don’t have room to take your hot tub with you, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Our storage facility has over 15,000 square feet of space and is protected by an alarm system and 24-hour surveillance system. Your hot tub will be further protected from the outside elements in our climate-controlled facility.

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Here at JKATS Moving & Storage we are committed to offering you our best. Our movers are dedicated professionals who work hard and tirelessly to get the job done right every time. Your valuables are important to us, and we respect your time and the money you put into making sure your move is done with care and quality. JKATS Moving & Storage is the reliable and preferred mover for the Portland, OR area so let us help you with your hot tub move. For more information on how we can help you call today at (503) 255-1277