Motorcycle Shipping Service

What does your motorcycle mean to you? Perhaps freedom, a feat of engineering, or even your life-long passion. Motorcycles mean so much to different people, and motorcycle ownership can define a person’s life. We understand. That special connection is something that JKATS Moving & Storage of Portland knows well, and it’s why we’ve spent over 35 years in business perfecting specialty shipping and moves for objects like motorcycles. From the packaging to the moment you see your motorcycle sitting in your new garage, we know you’ll rest easy with your specialty move in our hands. So when it comes time to move to the next stage of your life, you can make sure your motorcycle makes it there with you safely.

JKATS Moving & Storage of Portland are highly experienced motorcycle movers in the Portland area. Hands-down. From our special equipment to our movers, we’ve perfected the art of putting together just the right team to complete your move with 100% satisfaction. We ship your motorcycle with the special attention it deserves!

Preparing to Move Your Motorcycle

JKATS Moving & Storage knows you care for your motorcycle, and our professional motorcycle movers will provide the equipment and expertise required to make sure your bike arrives safely to its destination. However, for your motorcycle to be shipped safely, there are a few things that need to be taken care of before our movers can begin packing it up. First, you empty your motorcycle’s fuel tank and disconnect the battery terminals. After that, our motorcycle movers at JKATS Moving & Storage recommend that you take detailed photos to highlight the condition of your motorcycle before it is packed into the moving truck, and get a quote on the value of your motorcycle. Next, our movers provide the straps, covers, and pads to secure your bike during motorcycle shipping, but if you have a custom cover for your motorcycle, we recommend that you cover it before loading begins. And lastly, you may be required to verify ownership of your motorcycle on your moving day, so we recommend that you prepare those documents beforehand. It can be especially important for our movers to have copies of those documents for long-distance moves. And if you have any special needs for your motorcycle shipping, please fill out our online estimate form, and we will work with you every step of the way to take care of your specific requirements.

Local Motorcycle Storage in Portland

Though you may want to get back to riding your motorcycle as soon as possible after your move is completed, here at JKATS Moving & Storage we have found that our clients may need to store their motorcycles for short or long-term stays. For that reason, we have over 15,000 square feet of storage space in the Portland area to accommodate your needs during your moving process. Our facilities are monitored and armed with alarm systems, and we have a climate-controlled warehouse to accommodate the special needs of classic and antique motorcycles while in long-term storage. Your motorcycle will be covered and kept inside of a container to prevent dirt accumulating on your motorcycle or possible damage occurring during storage. Your motorcycle will be ready whenever you decide to take it to its new home.

Free Motorcycle Shipping Quote

JKATS Moving & Storage of Portland would like to get to know you and your motorcycle better before we start the move. Our professional movers are ready to create a plan to get your motorcycle moved safely to your new home, ready to ride. If you would like to get a free quote concerning your upcoming motorcycle move, please fill out our form online or call us at (503) 255-1277.